5:30 PM Friday, November 10 -
10:00 AM Saturday, November 11
Fall Family Palooza - where family and faith collide during an exciting overnight event. Families will compete in friendly competitions, study God's word together, and tent camp in the church.  

Frequently Asked Question

Who's Invited?

This event is for all 1st-5th graders and their families. Yes, older and younger siblings can come and will be able to compete in the challenges. 

What are the family comptetitions?

When families register, they will receive a confirmation email that will give them a link to sign up for their families color. We encourage each fmaily to come decked out in their color. Families will compete in OMC and other team building activities. There will also be a worship time and hang time for families to get to know other families. 

What is the cost and what do we bring?

The cost is $25 per person and a max of $100 per family. This included tow meals, snacks, resources, and more!

Families will dress to represent their color. They will need to bring sleeping bags and tents to camp out inside the church. 

Are we really camping?

YES WE ARE! (Sorry for yelling, we are just excited.) Closer to the night of the event, an email will be sent to all families registered for them to reserve a camping spot inside the church. Many families will get to camp in the Theater (louder area) or you may reserve an area in a lobby of hallway (quiet areas).