What is Family Milestones

The Family Milestones is a path for intentional spiritual parenting. It is made up of 6 different Milestones beginning with expectant parents and ending with High School Graduation. Along the path, parents utilize Faith Talks, God Sightings, and Family Celebrations to maximize each Milestone’s effectiveness. Parents are equipped with helpful resources, Parent Seminars, and celebrations. This is Belle Aire’s plan to assist parents in raising mature worshippers of God.

How do I know where my child belongs on the path?

The Milestones are age/stage specific. There is a brief description of each Milestone below. We encourage parents to attend the Parent Seminars in advance of each Milestone. If your child has passed any of the Milestones, we encourage parents to jump in where is best for your family. If you need any help, feel free to contact any of the age-group ministers.

What are the components of Family Milestones?

Biblical training sessions to help parents prepare for each Milestone. Parent Seminars are provided during Life Group times periodically throughout the year.
Recognizing God in the everyday things and talking about that. (i.e., answers to prayer, recognizing God’s creative hand in nature, seeing a baptism in church and talking about it at home, etc.)
Weekly family time set aside when everyone will be there. These are intentional talks based on Scripture and could be family devotionals, during walks, driving in the car, etc.
Commemorating each milestone with a celebration at home. Families are encouraged to give a small gift as a memento of each celebration.

The family milestones path

Milestone 1: Family Dedication

This Milestone helps parents understand their role as the primary faith trainer for their children and family. Milestone #1 focuses on parents who have children between birth and five years of age. All parents with children older than 5 years of age are still encouraged to go through this seminar to help lay the foundation for Milestones 2-6. During the seminar, parents will learn how to become primary faith trainers and accept the responsibility. Resources and learning opportunities are provided for the new parents desiring to dedicate their child to the Lord. During the ceremony, the church body commits to partner with the parents in the faith development of the child for the duration of the journey.

Milestone 2: Faith Commitment

This Milestone equips parents to lead their children into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The suggested age of the child for this Milestone is between ages 6-12. Milestone #2 seminar covers topics like: God’s plan for salvation, how to share the gospel with my child, is my child ready to be saved and baptized, spiritual disciplines for children, answering the tough questions asked by our children, and how to plan a Faith Commitment celebration.

Milestone 3: Preparing for Adolescence

This Milestone focuses on helping parents intentionally prepare their children (ages 10-12) to enter the teenage years. This seminar covers topics like: relating to your adolescent, preparing your child for middle school, how to grow spiritually during their teenage years, practicing spiritual disciplines, navigating cultural challenges, keeping the faith in difficult times, and the nuts and bolts of the Family Road Trip celebration.

Milestone 4: Commitment toPurity

This Milestone equips parents to provide their children (age 12-14) with a biblical view of sex, intimacy, and purity. The parent seminar covers topics like: Talking with your kids about sex, how to create open lines of communication between parents and kids, understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, purity (physical, emotional, and moral), and the ins and outs of the Purity celebration.

Milestone 5: Passage to Adulthood

This Milestone helps parents lead their teen (age 16) into becoming a man or woman of God. The parent seminar covers topics like: the biblical roles of men and women, spiritual disciplines, service in the church, spiritual gifts, basic tenets of the faith, and the Sweet 16 Celebration (planning before and follow-up afterwards).

Milestone 6: Graduation

This Milestone prepares parents to help their teen (17-18 years old) develop practical and spiritual skills to leave home. The parent seminar covers topics like: preparing my student to leave home, defending my faith, dating, marriage, money, discovering God’s plan, a biblical understanding of work, and living on mission.