The purpose of Life Groups is to provide a small group environment that will help you develop deep and meaningful relationships with other believers as you study the Bible together. We have Life Groups for all ages, and would love to help find the right group for you.

Sunday Life Groups

Life Groups meeting at 8:00 am

Senior Adults 1
with Bucky Phillips
Room 201
Senior Adults 2
with Phil Huddleston
Room 238

Life Groups meeting at 9:00 am

AO College
with Braley Chambers
Room 112
Adults w/ Preschoolers/Elem.
with Jason McCleskey/Matt Dodd
Room 233
Adults with Elementary 
with Rick and Trudy Collins
Room 238
Adult Men
with Chuck McCalla
Room 113
Young Adults
with Michael Petrone
Room 108
Adults w/ Teens
with M. Willbanks/N. Callendar
Room 107
Adults with Preschoolers/ Elem
with Steve and Suzy Hiller
Room 109
Adults w/ Preschoolers
with Caleb McCain
Room 110
Adults w/ Teens/College
with Mike Arnold
Choir Room
Adults w/ Grandchildren
with Hoyte Owen/Rodney Street
Room 111
Adult Ladies
with Carol Betzler
Room 105

Life Groups meeting at 10:30 am

Adults w/ Teens/College
with Robert Martin
Room 108
Empty Nesters
with John Dent/Jim Roeger
Room 105
Adults w/ Grandchildren
with Chris Madison
Room 201
Adult Ladies
with Diane Turnham
Room 175
with Donni Odom
Room 238

Campus Map & Contact

Reference our campus map to find the room your group or activity will be held in. For more information or help locating something, you can always email us at [email protected] 

Discipleship Groups

Do you have a desire to grow deeper in your walk with Christ?

If you’re already engaged in corporate worship, and involved in a Life Group, then the next step for you is to get plugged into a D-Group. Our D-Groups are smaller (3-5), same-gendered environments where we can be honest about where we are in our life and faith journey, and lovingly spur one another on to grow in Christlikeness. This is not just another Bible study group… this is an environment designed to facilitate life-on-life transformation by focussing on application and accountability!

If this something you desire… and you are ready to take the next step in your discipleship, then we’d love to connect you to a new group.